When it comes to describing Sri Lanka the Lankans feel proud to describe it as a heavenly island that is rich in natural beauty having beautiful parks, mighty mountains, awesome golden beaches, sparkling waves and an active wildlife comprising of fierce leopards and mammoth elephants. It is also a major producer of tea which makes it a prosperous economy. It is one of the most beautiful islands on the planet which is an exotic tourist spot. It has many beautiful sites like temples and museums and scenic landscapes all bottled up into a small region which makes it a favorite place for travelers as they can enjoy a variety of activities in one place.

Things to Do

Living in Sri Lanka you don’t need to go elsewhere because this place itself is a unique and fun-filled vacation hub, where you can enjoy an extravagant and enjoyable holiday. It has everything for everyone from sports like snorkeling, canoeing, surfing and diving at the beaches to sightseeing at different historical monuments and natural landscapes. You know that there are exotic and flavorsome food spots available in Sri Lanka where you can enjoy herbaceous and aromatic dishes as well desserts that are surely going to satisfy your taste buds. If you want to enjoy your life in this country, here is a list of amazing activities to do in Sri Lanka.

1. Have an Adventurous Day with Amazing Water Sports at the Various Beaches

If you are an adventurous person, who wants to travel around the world to feel the excitement and thrill of extremely entertaining sports and athletics, then don’t go anywhere because Sri Lanka has a lot of attractions for you. you can enjoy a great deal by spending the morning or afternoon at the sandy beaches not to just relax to develop a beautiful tan or to take a dip rather you can have a great time by participating in water sports like canoeing, scuba-diving, diving, water surfing, sailing, and speed-boating. The major water sports spots are located towards the western, south-western, southern and south-eastern regions at the various beaches. These water sports are conducted under the supervision of expert instructors who are proficient and ensure the safety of all the participants. Lessons for different water sports like Kite-surfing are also given to advanced surfers as well as amateurs.

2. Exploration of the Life Underwater while Relishing Snorkeling

Apart from the adventurous and thrilling activities in Sri Lanka, you can always enjoy a more enjoyable and peaceful activity known as snorkeling. It is an amazing experience where you either float over water or inside water using a tube called snorkel while wearing fins to support your body both over and under water. Snorkeling helps you to witness the beauty of nature that lives under the seas. Looking at the fish, the corals and other creatures like crabs and oysters from such closeness is an experience that you would never want to miss. This is also a very safe activity and you are fully supervised and protected by professionals even if you are a professional.

3. Enjoy Fishing in the Clear and Sparkling Waters

If you live in Sri Lanka and you don’t go fishing, then you definitely don’t know how to make the most of your life and live the grand and enjoyable way. You can go for boating and fishing at one time. The clarity of the waters makes it easier to catch fish of various species. Even if you are not a professional you can definitely try your luck by fishing here and even if you are unable to catch anything, you will still enjoy a lot so it is definitely one of the greatest things to do in Sri Lanka.

4. Appreciating the Grandeur of the Golden Temple

If you are excited by the idea of architectural beauties and historical monuments, even then Sri Lanka has some of the best places to visit. It has some of the finest buildings where you can enjoy a peaceful and calm day and take a lot of memorable pictures. One such place is the Golden Temple, a worth seeing site, which is actually a Buddhist temple but people of all religions can enter it to appreciate the grandeur and uniqueness of the temple.

5. Awesome Wildlife Experience at the different Safari Parks

One of the best things to do in Sri Lanka is to enjoy the thriving wildlife that has been restored in Safari Parks around the island like the Willpattu National Park and the Udawalawe National Park. These parks are home to the most fierce, mighty and marvelous wild animals that you can witness closely. The safari parks have some safety precautions that are to be closely followed for the security of the visitors as well as the animals. This has increased tourism as well as saved lives of endangered species as they are being looked after with care in such spots.

6. Fancy Dolphin watching and Whale Watching in Sri Lanka

If you haven’t had enough of the amazing activities to do in Sri Lanka, here is yet another idea for you to help you have the best times of your life, which is enjoying watching dolphins and whales at the different spots like Kalpitiya. This is a very interesting experience where you closely and regularly look at these marvelous creations playfully roaming around in the water. They seem so close that you actually feel that you can touch them, which is certainly very unique and exciting feeling.

7. Savor the Aromatic and Delicious Spicy Foods

A “things to do in Sri Lanka” list will be incomplete if we do not mention the amazingly exotic and versatile Sri Lankan cuisine. Whether you are an Asian or not, you are simply going to relish each bite of the spicy and herbaceous seafood, snacks and dishes made of rice. It also offers a versatile variety of desserts that are totally divine.

Final Verdict

Thus, there are a number of enjoyable activities to do in Sri Lanka which makes a lot of local places worth visiting. If you want to live the best days of your life living in Sri Lanka, then just take a day off and enjoy your life to the fullest as it will be one experience that you definitely won’t regret.