Sri Lanka is one of the most renowned exotic destinations in the world and what makes this place even more amazing is the fact that you can enjoy a lot of water related activities there such as kite surfing, snorkeling and others.

Going for kitesurfing is a lot of fun and if you visiting the country anytime soon, here are the top places for kitesurfing in the country.

Places for Kitesurfing Sri Lanka


Kalpitiya is one of the best places where you can kitesurf in Sri Lanka. If you are a fan of exotic destinations and looking for activities to do in Srilanka, this particular destination should be it.

With over dozen spots, kiting will be a heaven in Kalpitiya. They offer flat-water, waves and other lagoons that you can enjoy. They also have special activities during the winter season.

The best part about kitesurfing in Kalpitiya is that there are no hazards on water- it is cloudy, there are clean winds and the best time to visit the place is during the May-September region. Generally, this place is a kitesurfing heaven.

Moreover, if you are looking for whale watching in sri lanka, you can easily visit Kalpitiya to have some fun.In addition, the wind in Kalpitiya offers you a way to go between May and September from 20 knots quite easily. Kitesurfing is a lot of fun in Kalpitiya and any kitesurfer should try to visit the place at least once.

Kalpitiya has been on the list of spots for a long amount of time simply because it is a good tropical destination. Kalpitiya offers the following offers for you to enjoy:

• Access to the best kitesurfing schools with IKO instructors
• Proper equipment rental
• Free transport both back and forth to get the best flat water kite sport
• Children who are under the age of six will be free of charge and the kids who are between ages of 6-12 are charged 50 percent of the cost
• Bicycles and kayaks will be available for free
• Free kite trips and the best selected sites

What makes Kalpitiya a kiting haven is that there are diverse kitesurfing spots with a good, wavy ocean. Moreover, there are high winding conditions that prevail from May to October and during this season, it is advised not to go for kitesurfing. Generally, the place offers excellent discovery, beginner and advanced courses for all types of skill levels. There is also top-notch kitesurfing equipment that you can easily buy or rent in the area.
There is also a lot to do and see apart when it comes to kite surfing such as whale watching and dolphin watching.


Mirissa Bay Sri Lanka

kitesurfing in asia - Mirissa Bay


Mirissa Bay is one of the leading exotic destinations for kitesurfing and other related activities. Mirissa Bay Resort offers the finest destinations for snorkeling at the best affordable rates.

There’s plenty you can do at Mirissa Bay including visiting the reef waters and the uncrowded beach. You get plenty of time to do a lot. The best months to visit the country are November and April. The water is clear and the beach is clean, which therefore makes this destination a good place to visit.

Mirissa Bay is a spacious place for you to enjoy some of the best kite surfing activities. The waters are clean and the area fresh and therefore, kite surfing becomes a very enjoyable experience at Mirissa Bay.


Arugam Bay

kitesurfing at Arugam Bay


Situated on the Indian Ocean, Arugam Bay is a good place to visit for someone who is looking for activities to do in Sri Lanka. What makes Arugam Bay a good choice is that there are cloudy waters and a long, spacious beach that you can visit to enjoy some of the best and clean waters in the country. Arugam Bay happens to be one of the most popular kite surfing destinations in the country- it is perfect for all sorts of skill levels- whether you are a beginner or a pro, Arugam Bay is definitely a great choice for you.

Arugam Bay is one of the most open areas in Sri Lanka, which make it one of the best travel destinations in the country. The place is fine, fully laden with fresh waters that make you want to visit it over and over again for sports related activities and others.



Kitesurf at Kahuna


Kahuna is a large expanse of sheltered water that is located between here and the mainland of the country. There are some very great places where you can go to and explore. The team of kite surfers there makes you travel by taking you on a journey that is just 25 minutes from the favorite little island. They also provide you with some of the best drinks and snacks to enjoy a good ride.


Kapaladi Lagoon

kitesurf at Kapaladi Lagoon


Located just 15 km South of KSL, Kapaladi Lagoon is a small lagoon that offers flat waters and space for kite surfing.

It is not really connected to the ocean, which means it is a safe place to visit. The ocean is just 20 m across the beach so visitors can even enjoy the swells and breaks. Overall, the kite school there is pretty amazing. The lagoon is almost waist deep in majority of the places. You can enjoy the progress of riding and it is a great place for taking pictures as well.

Kitesurfing is a pleasurable activity that you can enjoy particularly on some of the best destinations in Sri Lanka.