Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa is the country’s southernmost geographical prefecture, which comprises of three main islands. The Ishigaki Island can be your best bet to finding a remote hotspot for carefree kite surfing. In fact, there is a special spot around Ishigaki, which you can only access after a 30-minute boat ride.

Kitesurfing in Asia - Japan

This spot comprises of a sandbar, which is exposed during low tide, and it can be a perfect launch pad for your kitesurfing sessions. You can usually find flat to choppy waves at the shallow parts of the sea. To catch some medium range waves you will have to paddle a short way in to the sea. Best months to catch the ideal wind for kitesurfing in the area are around January- March and the November- December. A word of advice though, the beaches at Okinawa are famous for their amazing coral reefs, but you need to wear protective boots while kitesurfing in the area so that the corals do not shred the soles of your feet.