Granted that wind might be the most important element driving the sport of Kitesurfing, but it takes a lot more considerations to choose the best hub for the sport. You will need to consider:

  • The nature of the waves – are the waters choppy, calm, too flat or too wavy for a good run on the kiteboard?
  • The weather – This sport is mainly conducive to warm weathers. However, too hot in the day and you still lose the edge to Kitesurfing.
  • The overall ambience of the location – You need to find areas with lower water traffic to gain the momentum and practice the sport without worrying about accidents.

You need to be looking for remote beaches with a warm and sunny climate but ideal winds to help you soar through the amazing waves for hours! While you are instantly reminded of some of the popular destinations of Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and Bali that have made a significant mark on the kitesurfing map, you might be missing surprisingly idyllic spots if you do not try out the 4 spots mentioned in the list below.

Palawan, Philippines

This spot is not only idyllic for the sport but Palawan has just recently discovered the amazing world of Kitesurfing. However, you will easily find all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stint of the sport. The island of Palawan has been named the world’s best island but it still provides a huge range of idyllic and less crowded beaches for the kite surfing enthusiast to enjoy a lovely ride. You will also find the beaches consistently windy to support a fantastic surfing experience with your kites. You can choose from the beaches of Coron, El Nido, and Puerto Princesa. The best time to be here is around the months of November to April when the Amihan or the Northeast wind is at its peak in the region. You can get wind speeds as high as 12-30 knots. The shallow reef might be a little rocky but the deeper areas are perfectly safe for even beginners to try their hand at the hobby.

In our next article we will talk about another top hidden Kitesurf place in Asia.