Quick Guide Alankuda Beach Kalpitiya

  • Alankuda Beach is a spectacular two kilometer stretch of beach in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka. Situated three hours north of Colombo, and only two hours from the main international airport, Alankuda Beach is a pristine private beach that is home to lovely luxury beach resorts and offers numerous activities for the perfect holiday. Alankuda is a relatively undiscovered area, so it is perfect for those looking for relaxing, discrete getaways. The pristine private beach is the perfect place to relax, with the stunning warm ocean, which is calm during October – May.

    Alankuda Beach Activities: Alankuda Beach offers several activities including dolphin watching and whale watching, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, canoeing, kayaking, sailing as well as kite and wind surfing. The best time for wind related activities such as kite and wind surfing is from May to October during the monsoon season when the wind is stronger. Other activities require calmer waters, and are conducted during November to April, when the monsoon season is over.

    Kalpitiya is one of the top destinations in the region for kitesurfing, and boasts several kite schools with good quality equipment and IKO recognized instructors and lessons. Dolphin watching is another highlight of the area, where you will be able to spot Spinner, Bottlenose, Risso’s, and Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins on your boat excursions from Alankuda Beach. Between November and December and March and April, you can even see whales in the deeper waters off the coastline! Sperm whales are the most abundant, followed by blue whales, Minke, Melon-Headed and Dwarf Sperm whales.

    Alankuda Beach Excursions: Apart from beach activities, Alankuda Beach is located close to other important attractions in the country, which make for exciting excursions. Wilpattu National Park, the largest national park in Sri Lanka, is just over two hours away, which is perfect for nature lovers. History and culture buffs will be pleased to know that the Cultural Triangle, consisting of temples, ancient cities and statues, is situated about three hours away. Other excursions include a lagoon tour and visits to a bird sanctuary and water tanks. Those looking for closer excursions can explore Kalpitiya town and fort, the Puttalam salt pans and St. Anne’s Church.

    Alankuda Beach Accommodation: There are several beach resorts on Alankuda Beach, which provide some of the best beach accommodation in the area. These hotels are well located for guests to enjoy fabulous activities and make excellent bases for excursions to nearby areas. Two of the most popular accommodation options at Alankuda Beach include Dolphin Beach Resort and Bar Reef Resort (formerly Alankuda Beach Resort).

    Dolphin Beach combines the best of eco-friendly and luxury boutique accommodation, and is perfect for discerning travelers in Alankuda Beach.