Kitesurfing in Kalpitiya

The exotic destination of Kalpitiya, is perfect for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka, with super spots for surfers of all levels, from beginners to professional free stylers. The kitesurfing season in Kalpitiya is from May to October, when winds range in between 20 – 25 knots; this is the perfect time for kitesurfing enthusiasts to visit Sri Lanka.


A top Sri Lankan beach attraction, Kalpitiya has the best conditions for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka in tropical waters, with access to a flat water lagoon and the Indian Ocean, which gives surfers ample playground to enjoy both free rides and wave riding.

The flat water lagoon is excellent for beginners, whilst the rolling Indian Ocean waves are exciting for seasoned riders. Kalpitiya offers other activities such as dolphin and whale watching, snorkeling and fishing during the months - December and March.


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Situated on Alankuda Beach in Kalpitiya, Dolphin Beach is one of the best eco-beach luxury accommodation options in Kalpitiya area with several activities available. Enjoy the ultimate relaxation here with stylish air-conditioned tents, luxurious chill areas, delicious cuisine and spectacular sunsets.

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Bar Reef sits majestically on Alankuda Beach in Kalpitiya, and is the perfect eco-friendly abode, with cabanas and villas that are beautifully decorated. Relax and rejuvenate in a cozy environment with breathtaking views and tantalizing cuisine, and enjoy the clear blue ocean.

Kite School

We operate an excellent kite school, which is the ideal place to learn and improve your kitesurfing skills, and is the most competent kitesurfing coaching camp in Sri Lanka. Backed by experienced IKO certified (International Kiteboarding Organization) instructors and the best gear with proven safety protocols, students can obtain IKO Kiteboarder Cards upon successful completion of lessons.

Kitesurfing Equipment

Buy or rent kitesurfing gear and accessories from some of the world’s best brands with high standards and proven quality. Our shop offer world famous brands with the latest range of kites, surf boards, kite accessories and harnesses to cater your needs.

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